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About Emily

Stand Up

Emily did her first stand up gig 2 weeks before the first lockdown started and despite starting 2022 with less than 10 gigs under her belt she already had a set streaming on Next Up Comedy. She is competing in the Semi-Final of the Cocoa Butter Club's Trailblazer Competition in June 2022 and is quickly being booked for some of the most exciting nights around the country. 


Since starting with The Oxford Imps in October 2019 as a novice Emily has grown into a bold and captivating improviser. She grows with every performance building from the great improv foundation The Oxford Imps has given her namely: collaborative scene building, strong character motive and relationships.


Emily is currently writing the pilot for a 7 episode comedy drama series and developing a sitcom, both in partnership with screenwriter Jim Davies.

My Approach

Featured In

Emily has performed at Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre, Soho Farmhouse, QED NYC and alongside the likes of Luisa Omielan and Sophie Duker. 


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